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Harbor Angler Report, December 8th

All things come to an end, and the end of the open water fishing is upon us. Can hard water fishing be far behind? 

Harbor Angler Report, November 27th

Just when you think you know it all about fishing, think again. 

Harbor Angler Report, November 16th

Late Fall open water fishing is not for the faint of heart, but it can be al lot of fun. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 28

Some familiar sites in the marina tell of the new summer fishing season starting. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 24th

Finally a smallie in the boat. But it's not all about catching fish, is it? Check out the Harbor Anglers musings on getting "skunked". 

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2017 Festival of Nature!

Be sure to register for the The Ridges Sanctuary's 15th Annual Festival of Nature programs!

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Tales of the Keepers

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum will have Twilight Tours, Tunes & Tales June 9th and 10th!

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Harbor Angler Report, May 16

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Harbor Angler Report, Amy 12

Nice catches on the Bayside but the walleyes can be elusive. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 9 (1)

Walleyes on the Bay, browns in the lake... So many fish, so little time. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 6

While thinking about walleyes and bass, don't forget about the "other" fish. They are still biting. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 1

Where can you get good local weather information before heading out on the water? Here are some tips. 

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The Ridges Sanctuary upcoming events!

Learn about who's living at the Ridges these days!

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