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Harbor Angler Report, February 19th

A must read for all who are concerned about the future of the Great Lakes. 

Harbor Angler Report, February 10, 2019

The ice fishing season for whitefish on Green Bay off Door County is in full swing. Go get'em!

Harbor Angler Report, January 30th

How cold is it? Cold enough to NOT go ice fishing! But warmer weather is in the offing. 

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Harbor Angler Report, March 31

So it's snowing, that never stops those crazy brown trout anglers. 

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Harbor Angler Report, March 27

The bite is on, the browns are hitting. Time to get out there. 

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Harbor Angler Report, February 27th

Back on the ice. Fish are individuals. Some are "loose", some are not. 

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3rd Annual Owl-O-Rama!

Activities range from night hikes, crafts and workshops to live birds!

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Harbor Angler Report, February 18, 2018

For the Door County snowbirds "stuck" in the water-starved southwest, here is relief for your fishing addition. 

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Baileys Harbor February 9th-11th!

Door County Pond Hockey, Farm Market, Live Music & much more!

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Harbor Angler Report, January 31st

The ice has recovered the Bay from the warm spell. Get out there. BTW, ever want to ice fish in Antarctica? 

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Harbor Angler Report, January 25th

A good fishing buddy is hard to find. I have several. You should have one too. 

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Harbor Angler Report, January 18th

Want a great day ice fishing and not be miserable? Leave it in the hands of professionals. 

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2nd Show added for Dead Horses at the DCA!

Dead Horses at DCA sold out 7pm show! Added 9pm show, get your tickets today!

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