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Harbor Angler Report, August 10th

Summer doldrums for the smallies, but the salmon bite is getting hot. 

Harbor Angler Report, July 30th

The big tournament might be over, but there still are salmon (and rainbows) out there to be caught. 

The Harbor Angler's Report, June 21

When it comes to King salmon out on the lake, it's all natural with a whole lot of shaking going on. 

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Harbor Angler Report, June 18

If you want to start a conversation among smallmouth bass anglers, and maybe a brawl, just bring up the topic of fishing for smallies "on the beds" in the Spring.

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The Harbor Angler Report, June 16

A good day fishing in two different settings in Door County

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Harbor Angler Report, June 13

Sometimes it's hard to find a place to fish alone this time of year. The action is hot!

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Harbor Angler Report, June 9

Lake Trout are a nice option on the Lake Michigan these days. Oh, by the way, make sure you have your fishing license!!!

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Harbor Angler Report, June 7

Having success with different species of fish is not just a matter of grabbing a different rod. It takes "time on the water". 

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June 11th Robert Earl Keen at the DCA

Acclaimed Texas Troubadour Robert Earl Keen Performs at DCA June 11


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Harbor Angler Report, June 1

Early forage in the harbor could mean a season of fat fish. Here's hoping for a great year. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 28

Some familiar sites in the marina tell of the new summer fishing season starting. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 24th

Finally a smallie in the boat. But it's not all about catching fish, is it? Check out the Harbor Anglers musings on getting "skunked". 

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2017 Festival of Nature!

Be sure to register for the The Ridges Sanctuary's 15th Annual Festival of Nature programs!

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