Is this the End? (Maybe)
Waiting on Hardwater

Harbor Angler Report, December 8th Photo

The marina is iced in, most of the piers at the counties' landings have been pulled, the last two outings on the lake and the bay have produced exactly squat and there is a strangely familiar white powder coating everything outside. I think the fishing gods may be trying to send me a message. I just don't want to receive it yet.

However, I might have to accept the inevitable end to this seasons' open water fishing. I'll give it one more week to see if we get a break in the cold weather (come on global warming!!!), then I might have to start the process of pulling the plug and getting the Pamela Ann ready for a well-deserved hibernation. I did notice some shell ice on the north end of Kangaroo Lake, so there is always that. I'll keep you posted.

I hope you get a chance to walk around town and see all of the "adopted" Christmas trees decorated for the holidays. There are some really creative themes including the Packers, Scotty dogs, horses and beer. I think I might have seen a Cubs one. This is the Christmas season; I'll try to be tolerant. You might have even noticed a little tree near the Catholic church swimming with fish and festooned with bobbers (yes, red & white plastic ones). That is the Harbor Anglers attempt at adding to the merriment of Baileys Harbor. I thought it was a nice touch to put it next to the nativity scene. You know, the whole "loaves and fishes" thing. Yea, I know it's a reach, but it might be as close as I get to finding Jesus.

A Happy Holidays to all of my kindred anglers and avid readers. Once I accept the reality of the season, I'll be out on the water again, ice auger in hand.


Tight Lines, Bruce

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