The Town of Baileys Harbor was privileged to be chosen for the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Community Vitality and Placemaking “Design Team” program in November 2015.  The purpose of the program is to assist communities in identifying issues they are facing and show them how to use the community’s assets to create a vision for the future.  Design Team members heard presentations by various Baileys Harbor constituencies and community members on a wide variety of topics; they toured all areas of the town; and held a community potluck and public input session attended by over 170 townspeople. 


The Design Team members created posters depicting their concepts about how to address the issues facing Baileys Harbor and how to capitalize on the town’s assets.  The Design Team  provided a summary report which explained the background behind the ideas depicted on the posters.  The Design Team Summary Report and the ideas were presented at the community input session and can be viewed at the Baileys Harbor Community Association (BHCA) website,


Community Groups

Since the November visit town residents have formed a number of volunteer groups to explore how to pursue the ideas presented by the Design Team.  (Detailed information about the topics that each group is exploring may also be found at the BHCA website.)  One of the groups created was the Baileys Harbor Business Development Group whose purpose is to deliver programs to assist local businesses.


Business Development Group

The Business Development Group has taken on many initiatives.  One of these is the creation of a Business Advisory Team (BAT) to aid local businesses.  The BAT is composed of retired business people, all Baileys Harbor residents, who offer free advice and counsel to local businesses.   


How It Works

Local businesses who wish to enlist the services of the BAT make a request via email to its coordinator.  The email should identify the name of the business, the contact person, and a brief description of the issue(s) about which the business seeks advice or counsel.  The BAT coordinator will determine the team member most qualified to address the issue(s) and then put the BAT member in touch with the business.   


 What To Expect

BAT members will contact interested businesses in a timely manner to arrange a meeting.  Meetings can be in person, via telephone or via email.  While the consulting is at no charge, these are not formal business engagements (there are no agreements) and they are not of unlimited duration (engagements will be for one to two hours).  The idea is to tap the business expertise of local retired business people and turn that expertise into useful advice and guidance for local businesses. The BAT believes that in most cases what businesses want and need is an objective 3rd party to just listen!  The BAT will listen to your issues, ideas, and plans, and provide expert advice.  The BAT is here to serve you! 



BAT Members


Roy Cole

Roy’s primary work experience was in training with the international divisions of Eaton Corporation’s electrical sector, Eaton having revenue of $22.55 billion in 2014. He worked for Westinghouse and Cutler Hammer in Industrial Sales.  Roy and his wife, Jo, gained practical experience in the restoration of a circa 1845 Victorian home to meet national standards and their home was accepted to national register status. He has served as a board member for two Historical Societies, and presently manages a small cabin rental business in Door County. Roy is also a member of the “sustainability” group for the Design Team Review program.

Jay Dickson

Jay has 36 years in the healthcare industry having worked in hospital administration in Texas, Wisconsin, Florida and in Madrid, Spain (where he served in the US Air Force at Torrejon Air Force Base.) His experience as a hospital administrator involved all aspects of directing a medical facility: meeting rigorous medical standards; leading facility growth, development and maintenance; building additions to hospital campuses; combining competing hospitals to better conserve resources and serve community needs; encouraging teamwork and growth among hospital staff and workers; meeting multi-million dollar budgets; and working with hospital boards to guide hospital development and direction. Jay has an M.A. in Hospital Administration from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from SMU in Dallas.  Jay currently lives half the year in Baileys Harbor and the other half in Arlington, Texas. He is a Master Gardener, a Texas Master Naturalist and volunteers at The Ridges and Toft Point Natural Area.


Rich Fredrick

Rich has over 30 years of Human Resources and General Management experience with multiple Fortune 50 Companies.   Prior to retiring to Baileys Harbor he was a Senior Director of Human Resources for Kraft Foods.  During his 25 years with Kraft he led the HR Function for multiple Business Divisions, the Global Customer Service and Logistics organization as well as various Sales organizations.  He also provided compensation leadership for Global Marketing and other support functions. Prior to Kraft Foods Rich worked at PepsiCo, Western Publishing and Kohl’s Department Stores in various HR and management roles. Rich has a Masters of Business Administration from Marquette University and a Bachelors of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  Currently he serves on the Board of Trustees for the Birch Creek Music Performance Center in Egg Harbor and is Chairman of the HR Committee.


Terry Goode

Terry is a retired small business owner.  He owned and managed two technology companies in the Fox River Valley, the first a mini-computer sales and maintenance company, the second a software development company.  The former was part of the largest privately owned technology group in Wisconsin in the early 1980’s, with offices in five cities, and employing over 250 people statewide.  His software development company did business internationally, and counted Fortune 500 companies among its clients.  After selling these companies, Terry spent a dozen years in the Fox Valley as a technology executive and consultant to various companies.  His expertise is in small company management; sales and marketing; business needs analysis and software development.  He also specializes in web site evaluation and development.  Terry has a B.A. from Ripon College, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  Terry is the organizer for the Baileys Harbor Business Development Group and creator of the Business Advisory Team. 



Al Johnson

Al spent his career in various financial positions at Kimberly-Clark. His early years were spent in budgeting, cost analysis, financial analysis, cash management and production of the annual report. The last 16 years Al was responsible for investor relations including one year as corporate secretary. Al was the primary corporate spokesperson with the investment community. After leaving Kimberly-Clark he consulted on investor relations issues with Bausch and Lomb and a couple of small software companies.  Al is a graduate of Grinnell College.


Mark Polczynski

Mark spent 35 years in industry and 9 years in academia practicing and teaching a wide variety of engineering and engineering management functions.   Before moving to Director of the MS – Engineering Management program at Marquette University, Mark was Director of Advanced Technology Development at a $10B diversified industrial manufacturer.  He has led engineering, manufacturing, and research and development groups at Fortune 500 corporations, and is a manufacturing and business process development and improvement expert.  Mark’s background includes assignments in quality control, electronic hardware and software development, electronic product manufacturing, new product platform development, and sales.  Mark has built and run a fully-automated electronic assembly line, has participated in two new startup ventures, has seven patents, and extensive experience in strategic technology planning, and teaches a graduate course in engineering innovation and entrepreneurship.  Mark received a B.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Marquette University.


Ross Siegel

Ross was a Commercial Banking Vice President in the Chicago area for over 30 years.  He worked at a Mid-Size, a Money Center, a National and a Community Bank in the Chicagoland area during that time.  He also served as a consultant for the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Ross’ specialty was providing commercial secured lending for small to medium size companies.  In addition, he was a Project Manager for software development for Commercial Lending Departments.  Ross is a graduate of Indiana University, with a B.S. from the Kelley School of Business.  He also had various training programs while in the U.S. Army, and specialty bank training programs through the Exchange National Bank of Chicago, Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago, and the American Institute of Banking.




Diana Wallace

Diana split her career between Human Resources Management and Sales and Marketing.  As a senior HR manager for the Chicago Tribune she was responsible for negotiating labor contracts and developing training programs for production personnel moving from manual production methods to hi-tech processes.  CBS and 20th Century Fox hired Diana to head up a joint venture start-up in Detroit.  As the largest manufacturing facility outside the auto makers, the goal of not requiring union representation was achieved via employee councils and self-managed teams.  Tellabs was a start-up employing new manufacturing methods and developing products for the telecom industry. Diana was hired to implement those processes without manufacturing disruption.  She managed the Texas and Puerto Rico operations until she took on Product Management as part of the new international division.  Diana then took on the territory with the largest sales quota and ultimately became Director of Global Alliances, negotiating the company’s major international contracts.




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