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Meeting Notes:

Town Board Meeting May 9, 2016:

At the May 9th Baileys Harbor Town Board the board voted unanimously to shift their recycling contract from the set hours on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays to a 24/7 single-stream drop-off option at the Green Site.  They are planning on having the new set-up and contract in place as of June 1st.  Advantages to this system will be:

  • The town will save money.  The town right now pays for the disposal company staff members who work the drop-off hours, and they get overtime on Saturdays.  Plus, the town is paying for the dumpsters to be hauled back and forth by those workers.  With the new system, the dumpsters will just stay unmanned at the Green Site and disposal company staff will simply empty them when driving by on other routes.
  • The town may even make money with this switch, as the town gets a percentage of the money made by the disposal company from the recycling.  Based on the company’s experience in other towns, it’s anticipated that more recycling will be dropped off than currently.
  • Residents and tourists will be able to drop off their recycling time any time that is convenient for them.
  • Recycling drop-off will be in the same spot year-round – no need to remember whether it will be the Rec Park or the Fire Station and no need to worry about holidays interfering with regular drop-off dates.

More information will be provided soon; stay tuned!


After consulting with Steve Estes from Advanced Disposal, the Baileys Harbor Green Team will make a presentation to the Town Board (April 11, 2016) regarding recycling.
We will propose to use the already-existing green space north of Baileys Harbor as a 24/7 recycling center for the residents of the Town of Baileys Harbor.
Mr. Estes suggested that a container be stationed at the green space for single-stream recycling. Residents could deposit their recyclables any time without having to wait for the “second and fourth Saturday” system now in place. Then dumpsters would be checked on a daily basis by Advanced Disposal employees when they drive by the site on their regular routes.
Also, a “scrap metal” container could be added with some of the profits to be shared with the Town.

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