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Harbor Angler Report, October 23rd

Most times you catch fish, but sometimes you don't. That does not change the experience. 

Harbor Angler Report, October 12th

Fall is a great time to fish in Door County, but you're better hurry. 

Harbor Angler Report, September 12th (1)

Few anglers and still active fish can make for an enjoyable respite from the world. Get out and enjoy.  

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Harbor Angler Report, May 6

While thinking about walleyes and bass, don't forget about the "other" fish. They are still biting. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 1

Where can you get good local weather information before heading out on the water? Here are some tips. 

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The Ridges Sanctuary upcoming events!

Learn about who's living at the Ridges these days!

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Harbor Angler Report, April 26th

The Harbor Angler ventures south in search of walleyes. 

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Harbor Angler Report, April 24, 2017

Some final thoughts on the 2017 Baileys Harbor Brown Trout Tournament. 

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Harbor Angler Report, April 22

Day three of the tournament. Different weather, same results. BTW, it's not all about brown trout. 

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Harbor Angler Report, April 21st

An ode to the brown trout after another rough day on the water. 

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Harbor Angler Report April 20, 2017

Despite a rough weather start for the brown trout tournament, fish are being caught and it looks to only get better into the weekend. 

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Harbor Angler Report, Pre-Tournament Report

Baileys Harbor is getting ready for this week's brown trout tournament. Here are some great links to keep track of the latest wind and water contains.

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Harbor Angler Report- Mid-April

Bruce Smith, our resident Harbor Angler, shares what's biting, what he's using and conditions. Stay tuned for more updates!

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