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Harbor Angler Report, June 7, 2022

Determining where to fish in Door County can be a puzzle. Sometimes you solve the puzzle, sometimes you don't. 

Harbor Angler Report, May 27, 2022

Finally,  tide has started to turn.  The near shore waters, particularly on the bayside and inland lakes, are warming.

Harbor Angler Report, April 26, 2022

A relative newcomer, the brown trout, has contributed an awful lot to the lore and wonder of Door County.

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Harbor Angler Report, October 5th, 2021

Although the water remains unseasonable warm and the daytime air temperatures above normal, the cooler nights and lower sun angle has triggered some fishing action.

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Harbor Angler Report, September 11th

Catching fish during the Dog Days requires a a change in strategy, one which I apparently have not done well.

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Harbor Angler Report, August 23rd

The fourth and final installment of “A Door County Fishing Calendar”, Fall Edition.

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Harbor Angler Report, July 31

A twenty-five pound Chinook Salmon is a big fish. But not big enough. Not to win the K/D tournament. Not even close.

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Kendall Park Revitalization Project

FOR In honor of the 30th Anniversary of Kendall Park, we're raising money to revitalize the aging park. The Weisgerber Family, Town of Baileys Harbor and the Baileys Harbor Community Association are hoping to raise about $280,000 to completely replace the playground equipment making the park more inclusive for all ages and ADA Accessible. 

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Harbor Angler Report, July 16th

As the K/D Salmon Tournament approaches next weekend, anglers out of Baileys Harbor seem to be doing quite well catching both salmon and rainbow trout.

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Harbor Angler Report, July 5

When does an invasive species become not invasive? It’s complicated. Consider the goby. 

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Harbor Angler Report, June 12th

Now is the time to make some great fishing memories. The fish are biting. Who knows how long it will last? Don’t ask too many questions, just shut up and go fishing.

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Harbor Angler Report, June 1st

The third installment of fishing through the seasons in Door County. 

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Harbor Angler Report, May 25th (1)

Spring fishing can be frustrating, but the rewards can be great. 

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