Brown Trout Tournament - Day 3
Another Day in Paradise

Harbor Angler Report, April 22 Photo

We had a another "typical" tournament day (for us). We may not win any prizes, but at least we will eat well. We fished out of Gills Rock for much of the morning. We used the private landing up there ($5 launch fee). I was a little surprised that there were not more rigs parked in the lot. Well, we found out why. We trolled for four hours and put one 19"er in the boat. Got him on my favorite bait this time of year, #13 orange Rapala. He was in about 8 FOW. The water temperature was 38-39F. Although our catch was disappointing, the scenery on the water in northern Door is always worth the boat ride. 

In the afternoon we went back to the lakeside out of Baileys Harbor. With the south wind blowing in some warmer water, the temperatures were 45-47F (Compared to 40F the day before). We only had about two hours to fish and it turned out that was plenty. We got squat. 

Be sure to check out the Baileys Harbor Brown Trout Tournament Facebook page to see the leader board. Last time I checked a beautiful 20+ pounder was leading the field along with 17# & 14# fish. 

I did want to mention, with all of our focus on brown trout, it should be mentioned that several other species are being caught as well. There have been some really big walleyes being boated by the tournament anglers along with some nice northerns. I have seen quite a few guys fishing at the Kangaroo Lake causeway in the morning and later in the evening. I suppose the walleyes are coming in. I went with my grand-daughter for a walk down Hines Creek. We spotted 5-6 steelhead working their way up the stream. There are usually several guys targeting steelies when I drive by on Hwy. 57. Even the suckers are active. I saw a group of redhorse in the little creeks running into the north end of Baileys Harbor. 

This is an exciting time of year. The river and lakes are coming alive. So many fish, so little time.

Tight lines, Bruce

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