An "Out of County" Experience
Walleye for Supper

Harbor Angler Report, April 26th Photo

I fished out of Bayshore County Park on Monday. Yea, I know this is expected to be a Baileys Harbor fishing report and that isn't even in Door County. What can I say? I get around. Remember in my initial blog I said "Any species, anywhere!" I've even gone to Antarctica for Antarctic toothfish (See pic below).

Anyway, I went with good fishing buddy Ed, who lives in the Fox Valley and Bayshore is a good place to meet halfway between. I had heard from J.J. Malvitz of J.J.'s Guide Service that the walleyes were starting to hit in the lower Bay so I thought it was worth a try. I was surprised when I got to the landing about 7AM that there was only one trailer in the lot. Usually this place is pretty busy. I talked to a guy at the landing and he said a "Flatlander" walleye club was up over the weekend and they did pretty well. So optimism was running high.

There was a brisk southeast wind, but I was hoping the west shore bluffs would protect us. It turned out, not so much. We got our lines out in about 20 FOW. The water temperature was about 50F and pretty dirty. I had mostly Flicker Shads hooked up along with a Thunderstick or two. After 30 minutes of trolling at about 2MPH, the inside rod started to bend - "Fish On". As we got it closer to the boat we saw what looked like a small northern. This was disappointing as we were hoping for a fat walleye. However, as we got it up to the boat we were surprised to see a little muskie had grabbed our lure. We slipped it into the net. The 28"er had the typical bright platinum color muskies get in the bay. Pretty fish. We quickly released the fish with the hope that we could get another shot at her when it was about twice the length.

The wind was starting to hit us pretty good so it was getting harder to hold a line and keep the boards running straight. While I was checking one of the boards I realized that there was a fish hanging. We worked the fish into the net and it was the 22" walleye we were looking for.

We fished for another couple of hours (Ed had to go to work!) and lost one other walleye at the boat. By the time we had to leave there were several other anglers working the area. The bite should only get better over the next several weeks and move north into Door County. I will be giving them another shot soon.

 Tight lines, Bruce

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