A Goose Egg on Kangaroo
Walleyes in the Bay

Harbor Angler Report, May 9 (1) Photo

I took a few casts at the Kangaroo Lake causeway (on County Hwy E) this week and got a goose egg. I mean I literally found a goose egg. (See pic below). Well, I didn't catch any fish either but don't interrupt my story. Last week I had spotted a Canada Goose planted on a nest right next to the county road on the causeway. I thought that was a pretty precarious place to nest but she looked comfortable, despite the male giving me hell when I got close. This weekend I saw the two geese with about a half dozen tiny yellow goslings in tow. I guess she knew what she was doing.

I often go down to the causeway after supper this time of year. I usually don’t get much. I go because it’s close to where I live, easy to fish without a boat or waders, and I never know what I might catch. I have landed smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleyes, northerns, yellow perch, bluegills, green sunfish and once (I know you are not going to believe this but I a picture below) a rainbow trout. It was May of 2013. The water was very high that year and apparently (according to the DNR fish guy in Sturgeon Bay) some of the steelhead that run up Hines Creek must have made it over the dam at the Kangaroo outlet. The one I landed was 26" and pretty skinny. I had another one on but lost it, but you are going to have to take my word for that one.

I also got down to the southern Bay on the Monday after the opener. There were still plenty of anglers around, but less than the weekend. I was fishing in the middle of a day with a bright, high sky. Not exactly the best for walleyes. However, the wind was calm and I had to be in the southern end of the county anyway, so I always figure the best time to go fishing is when you can. I started trolling with boards in the 54F degree water at about 1.6-2.0MPH. Dark Flicker Shads are my "go-to" baits in Green Bay this time of year but the water was pretty murky so after an hour or so without a hit, I switched to some brighter colors. I managed to boat two 'eyes on a firetiger Wally Diver. One was a 26" spawned out female and the other was a 19" male. Worth the trip. However, if I'm only going to get a couple walleyes, next time I think I'll take the shorter trip to Sturgeon Bay or Chaudoir's Dock. The walleye action should be moving north.

According to Mark at the BH Marina, browns are still being caught. I talked to the DNR Creel Census guy at the marina and he indicated a lot of "eater" browns were being brought in, but not a lot of big ones. He also said that some big northerns were being caught.

So many fish, so little time. Until next time...

Tight Lines, Bruce


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