Harbor Angler Report

Harbor Angler Report- Mid-April Photo

The bite has cooled off some (for me) on the lake side. The south and east winds seemed to have stirred up the shallow water and brought in some slightly warmer water (41F).  I have missed a few fish but we did manage to boat one nice brown about 8 pounds off Jacksonport. I have been seeing more boats out fishing and several trailers parked in Baileys Harbor. Gearing up for the tournament.

I recently took a trip up to the northern reaches of the county (aka not Baileys Harbor).  With the east winds later this week, the bayside was pretty protected in shallow. I found some clearer, colder water (36-37F).  There was still some ice clinging to the shore in places.  I landed three browns on #13 Rapalas trolling in less the 12FOW.  I was fishing solo with three lines out and the most exciting part of the trip was a double! If you have not experienced trying to land two brown trout (or salmon or rainbows) by yourself, let me tell you it is a real challenge. Everything has to go right and you need more than a little luck.  You try to land one while keeping the other fish on the line. Fortunately for me the first one I landed was a small fish so I was able to flip him into the boat without having to use the net.  Once that was done, I turn my attention to the second fish that miraculously was still hooked. I moved him to the side of the boat and slipped him into the net. It was 25", about 7.5 pounds.  It was quite satisfying to see those two fish lying in the bottom of the boat.

I'm starting to get excited about the Brown Trout Tournament next week. Team Noor Door Floor (me and Paul) hope to better than the rather anemic showing we had last year. I think we put a couple of 17"ers on the board. Ouch!!! See you all out on the water.

Tight lines, Bruce