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Farms, Markets & Orchards Photo

Farms, Markets & Orchards

Farm Tours are the best! Our rural setting provides a great chance to learn where your food comes from. We have a variety of farms in our town ranging from livestock, to vegetables & cannabis. 

Check out Waseda Farm's Harvesting Schedule

Foraging Photo


Our forests and fields offer a bounty in the spring, summer and fall including berries, fruits, mushrooms and much more. 


Landscaping Gardens Photo

Landscaping Gardens

Many of our businesses have beautifully manicured gardens on display for your browsing pleasure. A stroll through downtown or a drive through the countryside shows you sprawling gardens framing quaint country homes. 

Natural Blooms Photo

Natural Blooms

Baileys Harbor is home to the Oldest Land Trust in the state; The Ridges Sanctuary. We have acres of public lands for exploring including Toft Point, Door County Land Trust, Town owned properties, and The Nature Conservancy. 

The Ridges Sanctuary has put together a Bloom Schedule for their many blooms. Click here to download their schedule

Restaurant Gardens Photo

Restaurant Gardens

Our fabulous restaurants source locally whenever possible including their front yards. Living gardens have become a great way to produce the highest quality ingredients. 

From the Water Photo

From the Water

Mud Lake

Moonlight Bay

Kangaroo Lake 

Kayak Conservancy trips 

Leave No Trace Principles Photo

Leave No Trace Principles

Brush Up on Your Outdoor Ethics with Destination Door County's Leave No Trace Principles.

Headed to Door County to explore the lake, the shoreline, the woods, or the culture? You'll want to review these timeless tenets of good land stewardship and travel etiquette before venturing out. From being mindful of your personal impact on nature spaces to embracing an overall ethos of "leave it better," the Door County Leave No Trace 7 Principles should always be on your mind when you explore the outdoors.

These principles provide an easily understood framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors. For an even more in-depth look at the guidelines, check out Destination Door County's Leave No Trace 7 Principles video series.

1. Know Before You Go
Prepare to be amazed, but not surprised.

2. Stick To The Trails
Discover something beautiful.

3. Trash Your Trash
Pack it in, pack it out.

4. Leave It As You Find It
See it all.

5. Be Careful With Fire
Make warm memories.

6. Keep Wildlife Wild
Respect each other-including our wild ones.

7. Share Our Trails, Roads and Natural Resources
Live for each moment.


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