150th Anniversary - Baileys Harbor Range Lights Photo

150th Anniversary - Baileys Harbor Range Lights

Friday, June 7

On Friday, June 7th, 3-6pm The Ridges Sanctuary will celebrate the anniversary of the Baileys Harbor Range Lights. The celebration coincides with the first day the 2019 Door County Spring Lighthouse Festival. The celebration will feature speakers, the invited descendants of past lighthouse keepers, live music and refreshments. The Baileys Harbor Community Association will commemorate the anniversary celebration with new banners throughout the downtown area, with images of the two lighthouses welcoming visitors all year long.

No visit to The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor would be complete without experiencing the iconic Baileys Harbor Range Lights. Built in 1869 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, the Upper Range Light and its companion Lower Range Light are the only lighthouses of this design that are still on range and functional as navigational aids. These modest but enduring structures played a critical role in the history of Baileys Harbor and in the founding of The Ridges.

At the time they were built, the Range Lights were considered a more effective way to keep ships off the treacherous reefs and shallows at the entrance to Baileys Harbor. From the water, a sailor got “on range” by vertically aligning the white light in the Upper Range Light, which shone at a height of 39 feet above the water, with the Lower Range Light’s red beacon, fixed at 22 feet above the water.


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