Parks & Beaches

Soak up the sun

Staying true to our family friendly ways, we have several parks and beaches to occupy families of all ages. All of our beaches are pet friendly so please clean up after your pets to ensure they stay that way. 

Our Parks & Beaches Photo

Our Parks & Beaches

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A's DC League Baseball Schedule Photo

A's DC League Baseball Schedule

Check out when the A's play again in Baileys Harbor or if they are travelling. The full Door County League Schedule is listed. 

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Men's Softball League schedule Photo

Men's Softball League schedule

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BH Marina & Boat Launches Photo

BH Marina & Boat Launches

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Nor-Door Little League Schedule Photo

Nor-Door Little League Schedule


All games 6:00 p.m. start time unless otherwise noted.

May 19 (Friday)                Washington Island @ Ellison Bay
                                             Baileys Harbor @ Egg Harbor

May 22 (Monday)             Ellison Bay @ Baileys Harbor
                                             Egg Harbor @ Sister Bay

May 26  (Friday)                 Washington Island @ Egg Harbor
                                             Sister Bay @ Baileys Harbor

May 29  (Monday)             Sister Bay @ Ellison Bay (Game time at 3:00)
Memorial Day
                   Washington Island @ Baileys Harbor (Game time at 3:00)                                         

June 2 (Friday)                   Ellison Bay @ Washington Island
                                             Sister Bay @ Egg Harbor

June 5 (Monday)               Egg Harbor @ Baileys Harbor
                                             Ellison Bay @ Sister Bay

June 9 (Friday)                   Washington Island @ Sister Bay
                              Ellison Bay @ Egg Harbor

June 12 (Monday)             Baileys Harbor @ Sister Bay

June 16 (Friday)                 Baileys Harbor @ Washington Island                                      

June 18 (Sunday)               Egg Harbor @ Washington Island (1:00 or TBD)

June 21 (Wednesday)       Egg Harbor @ Ellison Bay

June 23 (Friday) Sister Bay @ Washington Island  

June 30 (Friday)                 Baileys Harbor @ Ellison Bay                      


2016 All-Star Game hosted by Baileys Harbor. Time and Date TBD

(Monday June 26th could be an option, as could Sunday July 1st.)

* 2016 All-Star teams per Coaches and Leagues Vote

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